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What is Mr. B's Joybox Express?

MR. B’s JOYBOX EXPRESS is a project designed to raise awareness and funding for groups dedicated to improving the health and well being of children, especially groups providing children access to arts and athletics programs.

The heart of MR. B’s JOYBOX EXPRESS is a custom made trike that nestles a 352 pound piano. Two “dummy hubs” at the rear of the trike allow two “pusher” bikes to attach themselves. In this configuration the vehicle supports 3 riders, and is four feet wide and sixteen feet long. 

Blues and boogie-woogie pianist Mr. B and fellow musicians conduct bicycle tours, with all instruments in tow (including guitar with solar-powered amplifier, string bass, and drum kit-in-a-suitcase), performing benefit concerts and promoting charitable giving for partner organizations along the route.

By demonstrating elements of both athleticism and musicianship, MR. B’s JOYBOX EXPRESS hopes to inspire people to make donations to groups that present arts and athletics opportunities to children. MR. B’s JOYBOX EXPRESS also hopes to demonstrate to children that arts and athletics are not mutually exclusive, and that both are crucial to their overall development and wellbeing.

It is the hope of the founders of MR. B’s JOYBOX EXPRESS that the intense labor and whimsical nature of the project will invite the participation of a broad spectrum of individuals and organizations. MR. B’s JOYBOX EXPRESS aims to leave a lasting impression on those whom the project encounters and to help the communities along the route maintain important programs for their children. 

Download a Summary PDF (1.6MB)