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Enjoy the sounds of Mr. B's Joybox Express Quartet

Mr. B's Joybox Express Quartet Live!

This CD is a live recording of Mr. B's Joybox Express Quartet's 2010 fundraising concert.

Personnel: Mark "Mr. B" Braun (vocals, piano); Brian Delaney (guitar); Pete Siers (drums); Carl Hildebrant (bass). Special guest appearances by: Bob Seeley (piano) and San Slomovits (bones).

Price: $14.99

Video: Mr. B's Joybox Express

on March 20, 2011 - 12:45pm

A Michigan Quartet travels across the state on bikes with a piano and other instruments to raise funds for our youth. Mr B is dedicated to the continuation of arts in our communities and has figured out a fun way to do it!



August 17, 2010

Since its maiden voyage in 2009, MR. B’s JOYBOX EXPRESS has performed at schools, children’s homes, elder care facilities, the TEDx Detroit conference, athletic events, music festivals, and many other unique settings. Importantly, these include our numerous whimsical, impromptu performances for the everyday people encountered along the route.

In 2010 the Joybox Express Quartet rode more than 300 miles across the state of Michigan; the group plans to ride across the state again in 2011.

In the fall of 2012 MR.